Your vote is more important than you think it is.

As most people will know the US election is happening on Tuesday, where finally after months and months of primaries, nominations, conventions and debates, the American people will choose between democrat Barack Obama or republican Mitt Romney.

In these final few days the campaign is looking for two things. 1. To get out their base and 2. To energize and sway as many independents and swing voters as they can into their camp. This is not what I want to talk about in this video though, although this is aimed more at the voter who hasn’t made their mind up yet or doesn’t know who to vote for, someone who maybe likes one side over the other but isn’t motivated enough to vote for them.

Now, from anyone who has watched my videos for a length of time can probably guess I’m for Obama, he isn’t the messiah people thought he was in 2008 but he is shit loads better than Mitt Romney on a wide variety of issues. The thing I want to discuss now though is about the Supreme Court and why it’s more important than ever to vote for Obama.

For those who don’t know, and I’m by no means an expert so don’t take what I say as gospel, the supreme court is made up of 9 judges, usually 4 liberal, 4 conservative and a swing vote and they hear cases and judge them based on whether they are in keeping with the tenants of the united states constitution. They have the final say on the laws in America, for example the affordable healthcare act. Even though Obama and house and senate democrats pushed the law through, if the Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional it would’ve been struck down and they couldn’t do a damn thing about it.
This is why the Supreme Court is so important because the president is the one who picks justices. Yes they have to be confirmed by the senate but that isn’t usually a big problem.

If Mitt Romney is elected he will get the chance to elect whoever he wants to the Supreme Court. Now, there isn’t a retirement age so as long as the justice has their full mental capabilities they can stay on for as long as they choose, I think the oldest justices at retirement were 90 but he will have a very real chance of nominating someone, and with the country being as politically divided as it is, he will be under intense pressure to nominate someone to the far right, and if you think he will stand up to the base of his party as well as other elected republicans you’ve got another thing coming. This real chance is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal who is the oldest justice at 79 and a survivor of cancer. If Obama is re-elected she may see this as a good time to retire as Obama will appoint another liberal judge but as she is quite frail who knows if she will be able to stay on the court another 4 or even 8 years if Romney is re-elected? Maybe even conservative judges like Thomas and Scalia may see fit to retire if Romney becomes President because they know someone of their ideological beliefs will be nominated. If I was a registered voter that is a chance I would not risk, especially as this justice could be with us for the next few decades and maybe longer.

Why is this a big deal you ask? With a conservative majority in the court, how long do you think it will take for right wing activists to bring an abortion case to the court? It didn’t take them long in 2010 when a massive wave of red swept through state and federal elections. The 3rd bill the House of Representatives wanted to pass was an anti-abortion bill, and we’ve seen how the states pushed bills through their conservative controlled legislatures from day one, from forcing women to get ultrasounds to incredibly restrictive new regulations designed only for abortion clinics that have no other purpose but to make it impossible for them to operate. Do you think they will uphold Roe vs. Wade? If you do, I have some magic beans to sell you. You don’t even have to be pro-choice to see the damage this could cause to women.

Overturning Roe vs. Wade will not get rid of abortion; women will still have them, only now it will be orders of magnitude more dangerous as they will have to seek them out using illegal doctors, over the counter pills in Mexico (which is happening right now) or even doing it themselves. I think it’s safe to say women will die if this decision is overturned, and if you care about women at all then you should vote for Obama.

Another thing, parts of the defense of marriage act have been found unconstitutional, section 3 I believe which deals with federal benefits that same-sex couples are not allowed to claim for. Some cases to do with DOMA are actually waiting to be heard by the Supreme Court, although it could take a long time. Again, what do you think will happen if there is a conservative majority on the court? Can you really see them siding with gay couples? Is that really a risk you’re willing to take? Do you think Romney will stick with the Obama administration’s decision to not defend DOMA in court? I find that very unlikely, especially as he’s said he wants to amend the constitution to define a marriage as between a man and a woman.

What about citizens united? This is another ruling that a retooled supreme court could vote on. Not for repealing it mind you, but expanding it. Right now it’s still illegal for corporations and unions to give directly to candidates in federal office but if they see an opening to further open up the rules of financial contributions in elections do you really think they won’t do anything? I’m not saying whether that would be a good thing or a bad thing but if you don’t like the sound of that and you’re planning to vote for Mitt Romney I would seriously reconsider.

Voting for Mitt Romney is not just a vote for him or against President Obama; it is a vote against women and a vote against the gay community. These are two big groups of Americans that could have their rights drastically altered to fit the agenda of a man who cannot push back against the base of his party even if he had a bulldozer. For fucks sake even McCain had the integrity to stop that woman in her tracks who said to him during the 2008 election that Obama was an Arab. Romney does not have that kind of courage; there are people who suffer from schizophrenia who have less cognitive dissonance than he does. But this is getting away from the point I want to make. With Mitt Romney as president, there is a good chance that he could alter the Supreme Court in a way that would be detrimental to woman and homosexual rights, and if that happens, it could take years before they get those rights back. If that concerns you at all then you can’t vote for Romney.